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Zilpy Rent uses advanced data mining algorithms that account for: crime rate, school ratings and demographics, using similar neighborhood comparable properties. (what's that?)
See how the target property rent compares with the neighborhood, zipcode and the city. Is it the steal you were looking for? How safe is the area? Does it have great schools? Is it a wakable neighborhood?
Find the answers and more in the Zilpy Rent Report now!

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See up to the minute comparable properties as soon as they appear on the market, from all syndicated sources covering 98.5% of the US population.
Save hours of scouring on Craigslist, Zillow and other listing sites, we already do all that for you.

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Don't let a bad trend become a bad decision for you. Review demographics, household income, schools, crime and vacancy rate in the neighborhood.
Have the facts to make a great decision.